How to Unmod on Twitch

Due to its excellent features and attributes, Twitch has become a well-liked app among streamers. Twitch allows several users to manage the overall video streaming. The primary roles that you can assign a person in Twitch are moderation (Mod), VIP, editor, and more. Making a person moderator is easy but what if you want to unmod someone? Stay with us if you are stuck in such a situation and want to know how to unmod someone on Twitch.

This ultimate guide depicts the procedure to unmod someone on Twitch and other relevant queries from the Twitch users. Let’s begin!

What is Twitch Mod?

Mod is the short form of “Moderator”. It’s a fact that you can’t take care of all the tasks on Twitch; therefore, a mod keeps an eye on the comments section of your Twitch channel. He is allowed to remove any unwanted or spammy activity in the comments.

It’s good news that an owner can allow multiple mods on his channel. This strategy is helpful when your channel has a wide number of viewers. A mod is allowed to deal with all the viewers in the comment section, warn them, or remove them depending on the given instructions by the owner. For better understanding, I have listed the tasks that a mod can look for:

  • Inspect the copy/paste text.
  • Look out for unwanted and harmful links.
  • Repeated texts in the comments.
  • Use of emoji.
  • Extra use of symbols or emoji.
  • Followed instructions directed in the streaming and more.

How To Unmod Someone on Twitch

Many times you will realize how to unmod someone on the Twitch platform. Sometimes a mod gets another job and does not want to connect with you any longer. Also, there might be other reasons. Skipping the reason, you can unmod a person easily on Twitch. Check out the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open the Twitch dashboard and go to Community.

Step 2: Next, click on the Roles manager.

Step 3: If you have multiple moderators in the channel, find the person’s name you want to unmod.

Step 4: In the last, click on the X button in front of the name whom you want to unmod. Congrats! You have successfully unmod someone on Twitch.

Can You Unmod Someone on Twitch Offline?

Yes, you can do it on Twitch even if you are offline. Chat commands help you at this point. Just type add/remove moderator to mod or unmod someone easily. This option has made the overall unmod procedure easier than before.

Do Timing Out Mods Unmod Themselves?

Timing out mods without unmod is a procedure where you don’t let the user know to perform the moderator role. This procedure has a respect element for the moderator that he will not be removed as a mod. In simple words, you just limit the responsibility of a moderator on Twitch utilizing the timeout mod feature.

It’s a hot debate that can time out mods themselves? The answer is “No”. The twitch platform allows the broadcasters to unmod the timeout mods for any channel. Nevertheless, you can use the timeout mod by clicking on the timeout mod button in front of your name.

Can Twitch Editors Unmod People?

No, an editor can’t unmod people on Twitch because it’s out of its permissions. An editor’s key role on twitch involves many editing-related tasks. For example, a Twitch editor is responsible for running commercial breaks, uploading videos, editing video info, starting reruns, reviewing clips, and other video-related tasks. Nevertheless, a moderator can time out or ban other members on Twitch.

Can you Unmod Yourself on Twitch?

Suppose you are attached to a Twitch channel for longer and want to get rid of the responsibilities. Yes, it’s possible to unmod by yourself within a few steps. You don’t need to ask the owner, and you can do it all without any issues. Just go to the Role Manager, check your name in the list and click the “X” button. You will be finally removed from the moderator role.

Do Mods Unmod Other Moderators?

It’s a common question moderator asks whether they can unmod other mods or not. So, the answer is No. You can’t unmod other moderators of the same Twitch channel due to role limitations. A channel owner can mod or unmod the persons. Such settings are only shown to the owners.

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If you are an owner, you can unmod a moderator on your Twitch account. Simple, go to the settings and open the Role manager. Check the moderator’s name and click “x” to eliminate a person from the moderator role.

It’s a few words command to unmod anyone on Twitch, i.e., /unmod username. The command is short, and everyone can memorize it without any issues.

Final Words

In conclusion, it’s pretty easy and uncomplicated to unmod someone on the Twitch platform. I have mentioned the steps above for your better understanding. Use the procedure or commands to unmod someone, without any trouble.

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