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Twitch views not only ensure better engagement and popularity, but they also act as an authority for the platform based on which it can automatically recommend your streams.

Hence, the need to buy Twitch viewers should be a priority, especially if all the techniques you have tried are not working and you are losing your motivation.

When it comes to purchasing Twitch viewers, there’s nothing better than Boostivy. We can deliver you the required amount of viewers within a 24-hour window.

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Why Buy Twitch Viewers that Chat from Boostivy?

First things first, we offer guaranteed results within the same day. As soon as you order twitch viewers from us, you’ll start seeing a bump in views in your live streams.

We do not need your password to deliver the order. Just share your Twitch username with us and that’s all.

Everything will remain 100% confidential between you and our marketplace. We will never use or save any sort of information provided by you.

If you do not like our services, simply email us at ([email protected]) and we will offer you a complete refund.

We believe in offering quality. The Twitch viewers we offer are all authentic and they will not cause any harm to your channel.

Now that the basic questions are clear, let us move to clear some general confusion about purchasing Twitch live views as follows:

Why Do You Need to Buy Twitch Views in 2022?

Twitch has been one of the most popular platforms for streaming in recent years. Getting success on it, however, is not as easy as compared to the likes of YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Although there is a huge potential for streamers and content creators to get their fair share from the platform, the biggest hurdle is increasing engagement on your channel as a beginner.

Now, there are many reasons to buy premium Twitch viewers, but we will mention some of them just to clear your mind:

To Stay Ahead of the Pack

Getting Twitch viewers from us would mean you will get an instant boost in the engagement on your channel.

Considering we offer genuine and organic views, you will stay one step ahead of all other streamers who have started their channel the same day as you.

To Maintain Consistency

Losing motivation is obvious when it comes to Twitch because penetrating the platform is not easier until and unless you are as talented as Ninja, Shroud, or Dr. Disrespect.

That said, beginners could face issues in consistency, especially when there is no engagement on their channel even though they are trying their best.

If you want to keep yourself away from the loss of motivation, better get a pass in form of Twitch views from us and enjoy streaming your favorite games with actual engagement.

Chances of High Conversion

The story does not end only on getting views and a boost on your live streams, video clips, or your channel in general.

Talk your viewers into following or even subscribing to your channel. Imagine if you get 1000 live views and even half of them follow your channel, how much will its authority increase?

It’s all in your hand how you take advantage of the views you’ve spent money on.

Becoming an Authority

Twitch live views are also going to help you become an authority in the eyes of the platform.

With consistent view count, followership, and subscribers, Twitch will promote your channel in recommendations and you’d be able to get the best out of it.

High Chances of Monetization

One of the requirements to become a Twitch affiliate is to get 500 minutes of watch time on your channel’s streams and videos, etc.

The live viewers will help you complete this time within a short time, especially if you opt for a better package from our marketplace.

Buy Twitch Viewers

Time to Get Authentic and Real Twitch Viewers

Now if you want all the benefits that we have just mentioned above, you’ll need an authentic marketplace to place your order, right?

When it comes to authenticity, you will not find anything better than the Boostivy marketplace.

Mentioned below are some of the features of Boostivy that have helped this marketplace grow within the last 5 years:

Features of Boostivy Marketplace

How to Purchase Real and Premium Twitch Viewers from Boostivy?

Have a look at a detailed guide on how you can improve engagement and views on your Twitch channel by ordering premium viewers from us:

Twitch Marketing

Step 1: Choosing the Package

You can choose to buy 10 Twitch viewers, buy 20 Twitch viewers, or buy 100 Twitch viewers as per your requirements.

For your convenience, we have already made custom packages for you that you can simply choose. All our packages offer discounts in case you want to purchase more viewers.

Not only that, but you can also create a custom order based on how many viewers you require. For custom orders, you can contact our customer support directly.

Step 2: Go to the Cart

In the cart section, we will need your credentials such as your Twitch username, email address, and payment details.

We will need your username to deliver viewers over there.

On the other hand, your email address will be required to keep you updated about the order. We will also send you all tracking info regarding your order at your email address.

As far as the payment is concerned, you can pay using your credit cards or your PayPal account at your convenience.

Step 3: Confirm Your Order

Last but not the least, we will suggest you double-check all your details before confirming your order.

Once confirmed, we will start the process of sending live viewers on your required stream or video clips.

Note that we will send the viewers to the username you have entered. In case of any mistake in the username, we will not be able to offer you a refund. So, please take some time and put all credentials carefully to stay away from any problems.

Step 4: Enjoy Live Viewers on Your Streams or Video Clips

Enjoy and interact with the live viewers during your streams and lure them to follow your channel or subscribe to it by providing them with valuable content.

Is It Illegal to Buy Viewers on Twitch?

Nothing is illegal as long as you are not spamming the platform!

Although Twitch does not endorse buying viewers from different marketplaces, we think it’s the need of the hour.

With growing competition, the chances to get famous or popular on Twitch are already bleak for newbies and beginners.

In that case, the only ray of hope is to focus on providing quality content along with a focus on the initial boost of the channel.

The latter part is only possible when you purchase real Twitch viewers from an authentic marketplace like us.

With the quality we offer, not only will you enjoy engagement on your channel, but you will also remain on the safer side as all our views are not bots but authentic Twitch viewers.

But, if you tend to spam the platform with video bots and other illegal activities, the platform will take no time in banning your account forever.

All in all, as far as you are not spamming, you can order Twitch views from our marketplace to enjoy more engagement on your channel.

Twitch Boost

Does Buying Twitch Viewers Work?

Twitch Channel Growth

Buying Twitch viewers work the best only if you have the potential to provide quality content to your audience.

Sure we can boost your account with paid Twitch views but that would be temporary. To get the best out of them, you have to utilize your audience and convert them into your followers or your paid subscribers.

This way buying Twitch viewers will surely work for you. If you, however, do not have the necessary time to give to your channel, then we are afraid that you’ll only waste your money on buying views for your channel.

In short, if you have the zest and zeal to make your Twitch channel a standout among all other streaming channels, then it would be best to get an initial boost in form of paid audience.

From there, you will need to handle things on your own to maintain your audience as per the quality and potential of your content.

Difference between Twitch View Bots and Authentic Twitch Viewers

Getting increased view count via hacks and illegal means is what we term Twitch View bots.

They are a menace for a Twitch channel and the chances of the channel getting banned by the platform are 101% real.

Once Twitch realizes that you are using View Bots, it will ban your account permanently regardless of your efforts or hard work.

Authentic Twitch viewers that you will purchase from our marketplace are 100% genuine. We do not practice delivering view bots to your channel and that’s the main reason none of our customers have ever complained about their channel getting banned by Twitch.

Keeping this difference in mind, you should always avoid getting viewership through View Bots as your channel can get terminated easily.

Always get premium Twitch viewers from us with a 100% guarantee to be on the safe side when you get an initial boost on your account.

Twitch Live Viewers vs Viewbotting

What Clients Say About Us

Our customers have never got any complaints when it comes to transferring followers or viewers to increase engagement on a social media account. Here are some of the clients that have a say about our marketplace


Peter Thompson

Boostivy marketplace is doing a splendid job in ensuring live Twitch viewers. I have tried their best-selling package and they have delivered it within 24 hours. Would definitely order more services from this marketplace in near future.


Mandy Ellison

God, finding reliable and trustworthy Twitch viewers was one heck of a job for me until a friend of mine recommended me Boostivy. I’ve never been so thankful. Ordering the viewers, chatters, and follower is just a few clicks away plus I have loved the smooth and attractive user interface from the professionals at Boostivy. Would definitely recommend it to every beginner who is struggling to boost their channel on Twitch.


Alex Benjamin

People at Boostivy are always in communication with me until they complete their promise of delivering the required services. They have helped me get an initial boost on my Twitch channel. On top of that, they have also designed a free roadmap for me to maintain my consistency. Their work ethic is top-notch and they know what they are doing already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions asked by users are answered by our professionals as follows:

For starters, users buy Twitch views to increase their viewership on live streams and video clips, etc. That happens when they have just started their channel and cannot boost it organically due to competition. Other reasons may include increasing the authority on Twitch as well as converting those viewers into followers or even paid subscriptions.

When it comes to viewership records on Twitch, the streamer TheGrefg holds it for getting about 2.4 million views from a single stream. As far as #1 streamer is concerned, Ninja is crowned with the #1 tag as he has the highest number of followers on Twitch currently.

Each different viewer is counted as a unique viewer if the user is watching your stream for the first time. It could also be defined as the number of unique people who have recently watched your stream. Twitch also clarifies that in case a viewer watches three of your streams in a single day, it would be counted as one unique view in the eyes of the platform.

To start making money on Twitch, one of the requirements is to get 500 regular views and complete 500 minutes of watchtime on it. 50 followers are also required along with 3 concurrent viewers a day. Meet these requirements and you can start earning money from Twitch via paid subscribers and in-stream ads, etc.

To watch the live count of viewers on your stream, simply look at the top right of your chat section. You have to look at an icon with two stick figures. You can check the viewers, their usernames, moderators, and other relevant information regarding your stream through that icon.

Final Takeaways: Buy Twitch Viewers with a 100% Guarantee

Getting premium Twitch views is one of the ways to survive on a platform like Twitch. As a beginner, if you face issues in getting an initial boost and engagement on your channel, we will suggest you buy our service.

Do not worry about your account getting banned or your money going to waste as we deliver authentic viewers and you can check our client feedback to make your decision as well.

Reach out to us at our email address and phone number mentioned below for free consultation or any other confusion you have regarding our services.

Enjoy Live Twitch Viewership Instantly!