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Time to boost up your Twitch fame by buying Twitch followers with 100% guaranteed results!

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Buy Twitch Followers and Boost Your Presence on Twitch [2022]

Time to boost up your Twitch fame by buying Twitch followers with 100% guaranteed results!


Being one of the most popular platforms, Twitch is home to streamers like Shroud, ChocoTaco, Dr. Disrespect, Ninja, etc.

That said, we know it is hard to get fame and popularity on Twitch as it demands your blood and sweat.

But, wait?

What if we told you that there is an instant way to increase your fame on Twitch?

You got it right! By buying Twitch followers from us, you’ll get the imminent boost as a beginner and then work on improving your channel even further.

So, what’s the wait for? Select the package that attracts your requirements, choose a payment gateway and let us take care of increasing your Twitch followers.

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Features of Buying Real Twitch Followers Instant

Quick Delivery

Once you complete your order on our marketplace, we will take no time to start working on increasing your followers. Of course, we will maintain a steady pace just to ensure that your channel stays safe from any ban.

24/7 Support

As mentioned above, you can call us any time of the day and we will be more than happy to help you out. Contact us freely and we will respond to you within a short time.

Non-Drop Twitch Followers

The followers we offer ate 100% genuine and will stay on your channel forever. In case you see any drop in the followership, simply contact us and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

Refunds on Orders

Not liking our services? You can opt for a refund in case your experience with us is an unfortunate one. We will refund your money as soon as possible.

Free Consultation

You can also get a free consultation from our Twitch professionals regarding how to remain consistent on Twitch.

With buy Twitch followers and views packages, you can get an instant boost, but you will need a roadmap to keep your viewership consistent.

For that purpose, give us a call and we will be happy to help you formulate a roadmap for your channel.

What are Twitch Followers?

Twitch is one of the most popular and, in fact, one of the best game streaming platforms in the world right now.

Offering multiple perks to the streamers, the platform makes sure that content creators are rewarded according to their fame and popularity.

Streamers like Shroud, Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, and ChocoTaco are already earning a huge chunk of money alone from Twitch.

Just like that, many beginner streamers tend to try their luck on Twitch, but they lose their motivation within a month or two due to no viewership.

Coming to our question, there is a difference between Twitch followers and Twitch subs.

On Twitch, support is shown to the streamers the easiest way by simply following them.

It’s the same as YouTube where you have to subscribe to a channel to get their latest info about videos and stuff.

When it comes to Twitch, once you follow someone, you will start receiving notifications about their upcoming streams, announcements, and other information.

Compared to Twitch followers, Twitch subscribers offer support to their favorite streamers from a financial perspective.

A general Twitch sub costs about $5 per month. With each subscription, Twitch streamers can increase their revenue accordingly.

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Why are Twitch Followers Important?

Now you might think that why purchase Twitch followers if they cannot offer any financial support to the Twitch channel?

That’s where the action begins!

Followers act as a backbone to your Twitch channel. With the increase in followers, you can become an authority plus you can also increase your fame and popularity.

Next, your followers can guarantee you paid subscribers. How? Well, if you offer quality content to your audience daily, they will start supporting you financially and that is how they will become your subscribers.

Twitch followers would also mean improved viewership. If you buy 50 twitch followers, for instance, all of them will receive a notification whenever you intend to stream again. From these 50 followers, at least 30 will watch your stream and improve your viewership.

Hence, even though followership cannot guarantee you revenue from Twitch, it can play a pivotal role in bringing more views and paid subscribers to your channel.

Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers in 2022?

Hit iron when it’s the hottest and it will mold according to your demands!

There are so many benefits of buying real Twitch followers, but we will only mention a few of them to make up your mind.

Have a look:

Bringing instant followers to the channel as a newbie will require time, effort, and hard work. If you intend to skip all these steps, the best way would be to purchase followers to kickstart your Twitch channel.

We have given the hitting iron example because when you have followers you can change their minds to become your paid subscribers. Paid subscribers mean you will start generating revenue within a short time. Even a mere 100 subscribers can help you generate $250USD, which is simply huge for a new channel.

The followers you purchase will help you get more viewership. Twitch will develop a trusting relationship with you and it will promote your channel in the Trending section at the same time.

To become an affiliate with Twitch, you will need at least 50 followers within 500 minutes of the broadcast. You can easily bypass this requirement by purchasing followers from our marketplace.

The followers can also guarantee you steady and natural growth. As you increase your followership, you can grab more sponsorships, paid subscriptions, and most of all, an improved audience engagement.

Not only that, but your fanbase will keep on increasing until your channel will start competing with some of the most popular streamers within no time.

You can also enjoy a lot of attention when you buy cheap Twitch followers from us as followers can guarantee you viewership.

Buy Twitch Followers Easily

How to Buy Twitch Followers from Boostivy?

How to Check Your Twitch Followers?

Once we deliver the order, you can check the details of your followers on your Twitch channel.

From the desktop, simply go to and log in using your credentials.

On the channel dashboard, you will see a Followers-list popup, so click on it and you will get all the details of your followers.

This way you will know that we have successfully transferred followers to your Twitch account that you can utilize according to your will and wish.

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Is it Legal to Buy Twitch Followers?

That depends for what purpose you are trying to purchase followers.

For instance, if you are buying followers to deceive Twitch and to get a shortcut to making money, then you would just be exploiting the platform.

What’s worse is that Twitch will ban your channel and you’ll lose all the investment you have done already.

Coming to the next part, if you are purchasing Twitch followers just to increase engagement on your channel or to get an initial boost, then that’s totally fine.

Bear in mind that no platform, be it Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook officially promotes buying followers or subscribers.

However, there is no harm in getting followers to get an initial boost that will not only motivate you but will also help you to remain consistent on your channel.

How to Grow Your Twitch Channel Organically?

You can also buy Twitch followers free but for that, you will need to sacrifice your time and put all your energies into promoting your Twitch channel.

Growing a channel organically is a slow process and that is the main reason half of the people leave the platform within three to six months.

However, if you do not have the budget to buy followers for an initial boost, here are some tips that you can follow to improve your followership on Twitch:

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key here! The more consistent you are in streaming the better chances you’ll have to improve your followership.

Try going live almost every day as a beginner. You can change this routine and focus on quality later when you gain some followers.

Content Matters

The type of content you provide to your audience plays a key role in increasing engagement on a new Twitch channel.

For that purpose, we would suggest you stick to one genre of game. Do not indulge in playing different games from different categories at once.

For instance, if you look at Shroud, he loves playing FPS games so you’ll find him playing PUBG, Call of Duty, Valorant, and CS:GO on his channel most of the time.

Select one genre and stick to it until you get success in improving your followership on Twitch.

Promote Your Channel on Different Platforms

You can join different communities related to the topic of your Twitch channel on different platforms.

Use Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube to promote your channel freely. This will give you an initial boost and will surely bring many followers to your Twitch channel.

Ask Your Friends and Family to Follow Your Twitch Channel

Charity begins at home!

Your friends and family members could become your biggest and cheapest promotional source.

Ask them to follow your Twitch channel. Not only that but make sure that you tell them to promote your channel to their friends and close ones.

It will provide you an imminent boost as you will gain followership as well as better viewership on your new Twitch channel.

Use Upgraded Equipment

Focus on improving the video and audio quality of your stream as much as you can.

Ensure that you have a good facecam to record your facial gestures.

Moreover, get a noise-cancelling mic with a unidirectional pattern to convey your message to your followers and subscribers smoothly and without any distortion.

Be Original and Transparent

Last but not the least, do not fake yourself. Try being as original and transparent as possible as people love genuineness these days and it will compel them to follow your Twitch channel at the same time.

Those were some of the tips following which you can grow your Twitch channel organically.

But we do know that organic growth requires a lot of hard work and patience. If you cannot ensure that, then simply opt for buying real Twitch followers and viewers from us rather than wasting your time.

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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Our loyal customers are our greatest assets. Here is what they have to say about our services:


Melinda James

I was a bit sceptical about buying followers on twitch from this marketplace but I called them and they convinced me perfectly. Ordered the 500 followers package right away and it was delivered to my Twitch channel as promised within a 24-hour window.


Jack Gustavo

I tried almost every trick and technique to grow my Twitch followership organically but nothing seemed to work. A friend of mine suggested me this marketplace and I literally found a goldmine in it. Ordered a few services including Twitch followership and the whole process was so smooth. Would definitely recommend them to all beginners who want a boost in their channel’s engagement the easiest way.


Todd Packman

I have a gaming channel on Twitch that was not performing although I was giving it my all. Before quitting, I tried my luck once more and ordered the 300 followers’ package from Boostivy. Gotta say the team here is professional and they know what they are doing. Within a few days, I was able to boost my viewership with a 10x rate and I was also able to increase my paid subscribers. A life-changing experience for me with Boostivy for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question is not about legal or illegal but more about ethics and spamming. If you want an easy and shortcut way to earn from Twitch and you buy thousands of followers for it, then you will get banned from Twitch. On the other hand, if you want a handful of followers only to get an initial boost, then it’s totally fine.

Buying followers does work only if you are consistent with your work. You can buy 500 followers but if you do not stream on Twitch enough, they will have no value. On the contrary, if you go live daily and engage with your followers, you can convert them into your permanent subscribers. So it will work only if you are consistent and honest with your work.

As per the official requirements from the platform, you will need at least 50 followers to be eligible for optimization. Along with that, you must have 500 minutes of broadcast completed along with 3 concurrent viewers on each stream. Fulfill these requirements and you will receive an email from Twitch congratulating you on becoming its partner soon enough.

There are two ways you can get followers on Twitch. One is a free or organic way but that’s too slow and time-taking. Another one is to buy followers via our marketplace. This will allow you to enjoy a good boost on your channel and you’ll have enough engagement to thrive on the platform in near future.

According to the recent reports, Ninja is the streamer with the most followers, 18.3 million surpassing all other popular celebrities on Twitch. If we talk about brands, then Riot games with almost 6.2 million followers top the charts among all other brands.